Abrasive rock duo Nevraska meets pianist Jorge Ribeiro

Aksarven has intense bass and drums on one side and elegant piano on the other. In the middle, a softness that softens and a roughness that is inevitably rude. The result is music that is rhythmic and precise, sophisticated and accessible.

Pre-production of 2 first titles

A French instrumental trio formed in 2022, Aksarven is made up of the members of Nevraska (a band that emerged from the math rock scene in 2014) and pianist Jorge Ribeiro, who is also a composer and guitarist in various blues/rock bands. The trio fuses dizzying piano/bass/drums based on hypnotic syncopations and harmonics, in a surprising and intense fusion.

Jérémy Arminjon: Drums
Revil Pascal: Bass
Jorge Ribeiro: Piano


While retaining the group’s DNA, the members of Nevraska and Jorge Ribeiro explore new avenues and create unique music. These two entities, accustomed to respectfully violating music, have come together and from their union has emerged an unclassifiable and disturbing project, at its most satisfying. In the influences of this musical novelty, we can still perceive references such as “Mouse on the keys” “Tigran Hamasyan” “Jizue” and so on

With influences coming straight from math rock, jazz, post-rock, pop, noise rock and classical music, Aksarven’s music is an expressive, harmonised experience, in which the 3 instruments blend and tangle together to deliver a work that is technical yet accessible, fluid yet intriguing, a music between demanding and obvious, without limits or labels.


" Nevraska one of 100 bands selected by Spotify for its international Math Rock playlist "

French bass/drums duo formed in 2014, Nevraska drag you along, dragging you through a clever mix of progressive rock, math rock. Hypnotic, subterranean tracks, intense and mature post-rock music.

French bass/drums duo formed in 2014, Nevraska drag you along, drag you along, guide you, console you, thrill you until you forget your so many regrets… The duo grind and shape intense, mature post-rock music, held together by a bass mostly played as a power chord and drums with precise rhythms, all accompanied by a sampler and pedals.

In a skilful blend of progressive rock, mathrock, post rock and noise, Nevraska build hypnotic, subterranean tracks, and sublimate their energy by injecting them with musical gaps and winks.

In 2015, their UFO style attracted Serge Morattel from the Rec studio (Knut, Lofofora, GoodbyeDiana, Year of no light, Basement, Shora…) to record the first 2 promotional tracks.

In 2016, following a French tour, the band entered the studio in March. The 1st album, “Grave Romance”, is released by Urgence Disc Record (CH) and En v’là Records & GabuRecords (FR). It was hailed by the specialist press and warmly welcomed by the public!

In 2018, Cyril was replaced on drums by Jérémy. The band then spent a year working on new songs, before resuming their live shows.

In 2020, the band returned to the studio, still with Serge Morattel on production duties, to record their second album, “I left work on my way home december 1st 1955”, which featured a number of featurings (vocals, saxophone, etc.). The tracks were more intense, hypnotic and downright jubilant. The band is once again supported by Urgence Disc Record (CH), Gabu Records (FR) and ApresVous (FR). The album was a hit with touring audiences and the press. Nevraska is now one of the 100 bands selected by Spotify for its international Math Rock playlist.

In 2023, the duo collaborated with pianist Jorge Ribeiro to write a new album. The quality and fluidity of the compositions were such that the band decided to record a side project called Aksarven (anacyclic of Nevraska).

2024 would see the band return to the stage with a 3rd album.

See the rage? Do you see the jubilation? Do you find it hard to reconcile the two? And yet…



Grave Romance


I left work on my...


New album 2024


New noise
“A music that is both sophisticated and relatively accessible, the duo skilfully handles the dichotomy between the demanding and the obvious”.

“The duo are releasing a second album this year, featuring 11 tracks as intense as they are hypnotic, and the album is one of the new discoveries to emerge from the French scene, and one of the tracks that readers of mowno listen to over and over again”.

Core and Co
“This album blows you away, surprises you and carries you away. The album knows how to remain direct while at the same time requiring numerous listenings to take in all the subtleties”.

At the gates of metal
“Technique at the service of virtuosity, it’s fun to dissect this complex picture painted with passion”.

Yargla and Kaput Brain Webzine
“A journey that keeps the listener on the edge of his seat, as catchy as it is crazy, hats off to you gentlemen!

Rictus & RadYaute
“Takes its orders from no-one and aspires only to make lively, vibrant music, so go and discover this nugget”.

Indie rock mag
“A feverish rhythmic bass with harmonic distortions and free, nuanced drumming. Nevraska is bursting with intense energy”.

Rock metal mag
“You don’t know Nevraska? Then you’ve missed out. How to make technical, sophisticated, expressive music with just two instruments”.

“Caught up in a whirlwind of sound, and a whirlwind of landscape too, it’s lively, vivid, fiery, exacerbated, rather disturbed, dreamy green, but on its guard”.

Ears in Babylon
“Rhythmically rich, fast, precise music, which some will find sexier and more accessible than the virtuoso Ruins ”

“A dynamic and creative body of work that sets no limits. If you’re looking for bold, original albums, I recommend them.

Bassiste magazine – n°70 pages of interviews with Pascal, the bassist, with the added bonus of his name on the cover

New Noise Magazine – n°37
“Without a moment’s pause, this is a real success and a remarkable album in its own right! Eleven tracks superbly produced by Serge Morattel”.

DailyRock (ch )
“Nevraska is the thirteenth independent cerebral “state”, a real pleasure to listen to!

Batterie magazine – n°39
“Interview with Cyril

W-fenec – n°116
“High-quality songwriting, a strong musical and visual identity, a rock-solid production… In short, this is top-notch stuff!

Sons of Metal
“A central groove that goes straight to the gut, a must-listen album, boldness, more boldness, always boldness!

Perte & Fracas
“A well-crafted album that leaves nothing to chance, and the result is well worth the diversions”.

Soil Chronicles
“Nevraska is quite complex, with a Math-Rock feel – tortured playing, jazz-like construction. The two friends also know how to dilute things that are more groovy, more danceable, more direct!

W-Fenec mag#18
“Heavy, carnivorous tracks like Mastodon, as fast as a Pneu firework!

The Naked Society
“Where researchers don’t go, where it’s impossible to get to, where it all began and where it will all end, that’s Nevraska”.

Musical Mathematics
“Some reet bitchin’ French instrumental math rock. Listen to Nevraska now.


L'Usine @ Genève (CH)

Brasserie la Baujue @ Lescheraines (FR)

Le Farmer @ Lyon (FR)

Les Nautes @ Paris (FR)

Cave à Musique @ Macon (FR)

Café du cinema @ Nantes (FR)

Le Port Franc à Sion (ch)

MJC du totem à Chambéry (fr)

Le Brise Glace à Annecy (fr)

Château Rouge à Annemasse (fr)

Les Passagers du Zinc à Besançon (fr)

Le Cirque Electrique à Paris (fr)

Café du Boulevard à Melles (fr)

Café du cours à Reillanne (fr)

Le Poulpe à Regnier (fr)

La Gravière à Genève (ch)

La Makhno à Genève (ch)

London Tavern à Nîmes (fr)

The Black Sheep à Montpellier (fr)

Nashville pub à Béziers (fr)

Le Tremplin à Beaumont (fr)

Le Picolo à Paris (fr)

Les Lentillères à Dijon (fr)

Théatre de l’Oulle à Avignon (fr)

La Machine Utile à Annecy (fr)

Brasserie Pirate à Annecy (fr)

La Salle Gueule à Marseille (fr)

Urgence Disk à Genève (fr)

La Tannerie à Bourg en Bresse (fr)

L’Ebulition à Bulle (ch)

Concert usine Geneve- la jungle et nevraska