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Après Vous is an independent French production and co-production micro-label. Our primary aim is to provide the best possible support for the bands we like, who are struggling to find the funding to press their album on vinyl.
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We also have an online record shop and we offer a micro-distro where we share and sell various artists and albums that we like. The sale of these helps to finance our co-productions.
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Vinyl records: Independent micro-label

Apres Vous : French independent micro-label and micro-distro, production, co-production, sale of vinyl records, new and second-hand products… Created by two men (and a half) with a passion for music and records…

who like to indulge themselves and others by always unearthing new musical nuggets!
Apres vous is also an online record shop, a micro-distro where a number of music styles are available.


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